My three children (ages 8,6,4) attended S.A.M in the summer of 2016. I see significant improvement in their critical thinking and problem solving skills. More importantly, the confidence S.A.M has given my children is immeasurable. They are excited and ready to start the new academic year. I cannot believe how S.A.M managed to make learning and understanding math so much fun for my children. I highly recommend this program for all children.

Nathalie Elbaz Abitbol, mother of Jaden, Ella and Alexia.

My six year old son has been enrolled in Seriously Addictive Math for the past four months. During that period of time, he has been excited and motivated to go to class and even work independently on his worksheets. The teacher is engaging and dynamic and created an environment whereby my son could learn math skills that I initially thought were way above his level. I am truly impressed with this program and excited for my son to continue to have fun while engaged in math activities.

Katie Lowi, mother of Benjamin.

My daughter used to merely memorize math. Now, she comprehends and understands concepts and fundamentals so much more, thanks to S.A.M. The program truly transcends beyond just rote learning, and every skill she learns is relevant to her current school syllabus."

Regina Low, Business Owner, mother of Low Qing Fang, age 6.

"As a parent who is not too fond of the rote learning method, the S.A.M Approach to Mathematics, with its emphasis on a holistic and conceptual understanding, bodes well for me. I have seen the vast improvement in my 4 year old son in his mathematical abilities ever since he started with the S.A.M Program. Coupled with the fun learning methods and highly illustrated worksheets, John is always eager for his next lesson. S.A.M has certainly made mathematics FUN for my son. Thanks S.A.M !"

Jennifer Sim, Marketing Manager, mother of John, age 4.

"Before my son joined S.A.M, he had minimal knowledge about mathematics and no interest in counting. After less than a month at S.A.M, my son could perform addition independently, and he is now learning subtraction. He has also built a lot of confidence in mathematics. He enjoys every lesson in S.A.M, as the teachers are very friendly, patient and passionate in their teaching. S.A.M's Achievers Program is also part of the attraction to motivate my son to work harder. I have no regret sending my son to S.A.M, and I thank S.A.M for helping my son to build such confidence in Mathematics."

Chloe Sng, mother of Jonathan, age 6.

"I am glad that I have found a relevant math learning system for my daughter. She is certainly more independent and motivated in her math learning journey after just one term of enrolment. That's a load off my shoulders!"

Mrs F. T. Wong, mother of H. T. Wong.

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