Customized Program

If you judge a fish by its 'ability' to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life believing its stupid -Albert Einstein

At S.A.M, we recognize that every child is unique in their ability to learn and the method in which they learn. So, we design a customized learning program that is specially tailored for your child.

First, we assess your child through our Proprietary Assessment Test to determine his/ her level of comprehension in Mathematics.

Your child is then placed at a comfortable starting point to build confidence and assimilate into our program. Concepts are introduced individually & not in groups. Over time, as the student – trainer relationship is established, we further fine tune the program to maximize your child’s learning potential in Mathematics.

Progress of every child is closely monitored and discussed with parents periodically.

Classroom Experience

The Classroom Experience, conducted by Certified S.A.M Trainers, engages students with dialogue, probing questions, props, games and a healthy dose of encouragement. The idea is to make learning fun and memorable through an array of interactive experiences.

During this engagement time, the Trainer also takes the opportunity to accesses how the student is coping with his work, his rate of progress and his level of motivation. Qualified S.A.M Trainers understand that their role is not just to instil Mathematical knowledge in students, but to also inculcate the right learning attitude and self discipline in them, in preparation for their future.

We provide a coaching pedagogy in the Classroom Experience, where your child is encouraged to discover their solutions rather than to be told what to do. We also use Concrete examples through props and games to reinforce mathematical concepts.

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